Predicting the Madness of March

Image by Izuddin Helmi Adnan (@izuddinhelmi) | Unsplash Photo Community

You’ve seen it before. A team with a higher seed puts together a solid game on offense and defense, defeating a lower seeded team everyone thought would win for sure. Your bracket of picks is destroyed and Cinderella moves on. Who could have predicted that upset? Maybe you, next year, after learning a new way to look inside predictive models in this article.

The internet is full of predictions for the tournament, giving you expected probabilities of one team beating another. They’ll tell you about the simulations they ran, the huge dataset feeding the model, and the sophistication of their…

Using Machine Learning to Redefine NBA Positions

Basketball Court : Photo by sergio souza from Pexels
Basketball Court : Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

The game of basketball continues to evolve as time passes. It is hard to imagine, but the game began without dribbling and the three point shot is a ‘modern’ invention many people alive today can remember the introduction of. In addition to formal rule changes, informal trends influence the composition of teams, what skills are valued, and how players play the game. In the ‘sprawlball’ era of today, it is clear that the traditional positions of Center, Forward, and Guard are archaic labels which do little to describe the function of players within the game. Today, a Center might bring…

Derek J. Hanson

Data Scientist | M Quantitative Methods | PhD Candidate

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